Android Lollipop Settings For Xperia C

Android Lollipop Settings For Xperia C

Hello guys, it has been a long time that we have brought any mod for Xperia C, after launching Pure Xperia Z3 ROM for Xperia C. We are back with Android Lollipop Settings for Xperia C which brings the feel of Android lollipop on Xperia C Settings style. Android Lollipop Settings For Xperia C has a very minimal User Interface in which all its icons are changed and the background color has been changed to White Color.

Here are the screenshots of Android Lollipop Settings For Xperia C :

Android Lollipop for Xperia C Android lollipop Personal settings for Xperia C

Android lollipop Settings for Xperia C Device settings Lollipop Xperia C Settings Lollipop for Xperia C

Installation Instructions for Android Lollipop Settings For Xperia C : 

Note: Take Backup of Stock Settings.apk in case if you wanna roll back to previous one then you can easily do it

  1. Xperia C must be rooted, if it is not rooted then proceed as follows : Root Xperia C.
  2. You must have deodexed ROM installed. Here is the easy deodexing flashable using CWM and Non CWM users after which you can proceed here. Or else settings will force close!
  3. Download Android Lollipop Settings For Xperia C from the link below: You need to unlock the link by Like or +1 or Follow [sociallocker]Download lollipop Settings for Xperia C[/sociallocker]
  4. We have two methods to install Android Lollipop Settings For Xperia C : A. Via CWM Recovery other is Manually Using Root Explorer.
    1. Installing Lollipop like Settings UI for Xperia C using CWM Recovery :
      1. You need to have CWM Recovery Installed on Xperia C. If it is not installed then read : Pure CWM version 2 For Xperia C or else proceed with method B (Manual Method)
      2. Now Boot into recovery by pressing Power And Volume Down button simultaneously and then go to Install Zip from SD Card and flash the Lollipop which you downloaded from above and then restart the phone. You are done with the Android Lollipop Settings on Xperia C.
    2. Installing Lollipop like Settings UI for Xperia C using Root Explorer  :
      1. Make sure you have latest Root Explorer that has ability to fix Permissions.
      2. Extract the Zip you Downloaded from above and then go to System and then app Folder in it. You will find settings.apk in it . Copy that and paste settings.apk to Root>System>App here.
      3. If you get popup saying that to replace, simply tap on grant and then once copying is done, then long press on settings.apk and fix its permissions to rw-r-r as can be seen in this pic: Permissions setup
      4. Now restart the phone and you are done 🙂

In this way you have successfully installed Android Lollipop Settings User Interface on Xperia C. Do not forget to share this article and do let us know your reviews! Thank you.

45 thoughts on “Android Lollipop Settings For Xperia C”

  1. Hi . . . i have a problem when touching the android vesion . . .theirs a popup txt saying . . . “First install that app MuSaddiq told you to! ” . . . How to fix that ? thanks!

  2. I have copied and pasted it but the permissions cant be changed what to do. Please help it shows :permission change was not successful .please note that some file systems (e.g sd card) do not allow permission changes.. 🙁

  3. i have installed lollipop settings in a deodex rom!but still i couldnt launch the lollipo settings 🙁 the phone works as usual without any changes! 🙁

  4. Settings disappeared!!!!!!! 🙁 I have tired restore to earlier settings using settings.apk but cannot install… Any way i can restore the earlier settings without doing deodex stuff???

  5. Hi prof, about system ui 2.0. The bigest thing I dislike is bandwith meter on status bar. I just like experia writen on navbar. So Prof, how about this tweak. Is just change setting interface or we’ll get all (systemui2.0 without bandwith meter on status bar)

  6. Sir,im havin ga hard time installing cwm on my ph0ne. I already ro0ted it,0nce im 0n the pr0cess,when i click the recovery.img, once it restarted,the logo of android is the one that appearing,n0t the recovery pls.ive d0ne it many times and still same result

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