Activate Two WhatsApp Number on Same Phone – NO ROOT

As third party WhatsApp alternatives like OGWhatsApp, SNWhatsApp, EAWhatsApp are no more working WhatsApp Dual SIM, we have found a better alternative for you all. By following our tutorial to Activate Two WhatsApp Accounts On Same Phone one can simultaneously use both numbers without needing to switch betweeen them. The best thing is- it is Legal and no more risk to your data like we had in OGWhatsApp and other WhatsApp alternatives. By this you will be able to activate Dual WhatsApp on same Phone and use WhatsApp Dual SIM easily without any date errors.

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Many of you might be facing error like  : OGWhatsApp became obsolete 2060 or SNWhatsApp became obsolete 2060 or EAWhatsApp became obsolete 2060. But now you will not face any problem as it is the official app using which you can use two phone numbers to activate whatsapp on same phone without any problem. So not wasting your time anymore, lets directly jump to Activate Dual WhatsApp without Any Obsolete error.

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How to Activate Dual WhatsApp on Same Android Phone :

First of all download and install the app from playstore (Official). The link is available below in the locker, Simply like or +1 or Share in order to unlock the Download link : Install Dual WhatsApp Disa App

Once you install Disa App, Follow the video instructions as below which is very easy, you need to watch the video carefully  in order to activate WhatsApp Dual Sim without any problem :

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By using Disa App you can easily Install Two WhatsApp or Activate two WhatsApp on same phone without any further WhatsApp expire errors. This is all. If you are struck anywhere, then feel free to comment here. Do not forget to subscribe to the website in order to stay updated and stay away from WhatsApp errors.

Somesh Chaudhary

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45 Responses

  1. abhimanyu dhawan says:

    Do i need to update it just like an original whatsapp from time to time
    If not how original whatsapp will become less popular?

  2. indzvipz says:

    Am not able to instal it in my phone.. its showing some error.. can u pls gve me a solution. I was trying to add 2 whatsapp..

  3. hi. i successfully installed OGwhatsapp and using it along with the original whatsapp. the only problem i notice is that i can’t post messages to ANY GROUP i’m in using OGwhatsapp. the original whatsapp works fine. please fix it.

  4. naseera says:

    do I have to uninstall my original whatsapp ?

  5. Ankita says:

    Hey…thank you. .finally I did it…. but one problem…how to see laat seen..becoz when we go to particular person box…they r added…n in our message list it shows empty conversation. .. how to deal with it. .

  6. DEEPTI says:

    hello frds finally whatsapp2 works

  7. mario. says:

    Is there any way to delete my ogwhatsapp account ? Beacose some people are sending me messages and i can’t respond any more

  8. sidharth says:

    hi brother ho to use og, whatsapp in disa ????

  9. Komzy says:

    new version of OGwhatsapp has arrived…im using it…its perfect with ,material design and call has call feature too..

  10. Ananth AG says:

    This video is not playing, could you type the procedure with screenshots

  11. Farhan says:

    Ogwhatsapp,sawhatsapp,enwhatsapp all are showing obsolete how to fix them

  12. Neethu says:

    Thank you

  13. Aman says:

    Thank you man

  14. komzy says:

    Video says invalid address…can u please upload on YouTube

  15. ssdibrahim says:

    Thank you Somesh! Its really works great.
    for last three days, I was stuck up because of ENwhatsapp’s error. Now I am using both whatsapp.

  16. LiveSaT says:

    Hi Somesh bro! How to restore b’up of ogwhatsapp chats con DISA?

  17. fadhili says:

    Good tutorial, but howw do I restore my previous OGWhatsapp conversions with this Disa app

  18. Rakesh says:

    Kind of ok..ok….but no other option right now.
    So Thanks bro…

  19. DEEPTI says:



  20. DEEPTI says:

    finally DISA works like OG
    obviously we missing OG but happy with DISA
    but if the Og starts working please provode the link
    we wait for it…

    thanks MR SOMESH….

  21. Raghav says:

    Is there any chance of OG cuming back

  22. DEEPTI says:


  23. tim says:

    thanks bro…’s work

  24. Himanshi sahu says:

    New error is here now obsolate jul 3 2069.
    how to fix this in ogwhatsapp

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