Watch Live TV without App on PC/Laptop/Mobile [No SignUp/Account required]

Yes, you have heard it right. No more installations of Jio TV App on PC/Laptop but now you can directly stream all Live Premium Channels on your Smartphone, Laptop or PC without Jio TV App or more precisely without installing third party apps or any other sign in is required to watch live TV from anywhere in the World. Jio TV is one of the most demanded app in the PlayStore these days as it provides you with the opportunity to watch LIVE TV on your Smartphone or PC or Laptop by just installing the App on your PC/Laptop. But the major drawback for the same is- you need to have Jio Username and password to watch all these channels for free.

Watch Live TV Full HD Free

Watch Live TV Online Free

Note: Not only this, One can easily try the new service that is coming up all over the world which has got a lot to offer.

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How To Stream Full HD Channels Free without Jio App or Sign Up

Earlier you installed Jio TV App on PC/Laptop which required you to signup with JIO account or to have JIO LTE Sim card inserted in your device. But now, you simply click on the channel you want to watch from the list of Live channels and you are ready to go. If you are on Android Smartphone, you can easily install a very small app that will help you bypass Jio TV username and password to Watch Jio Free Live TV.

Check out: How to Download Movies from Jio Cinema for PC

This method to Watch Live TV seems to be outdated now as most of the links are blocked. Therefore you can head over to this free section to Get My Jio Login Credentials.

How To Watch Live TV Channel on PC/Laptop/Mobile via Browser

  1. Open up Chrome browser on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Now simply open the link of your favourite channel in it and press on Play Button.
    without Jio TV Live Stream

    Live Stream via Mobile Easy Guide without Jio TV App

  3. Your live stream now starts directly on your PC/Laptop/Smartphone

Guide to Watch Live TV Channels on VLC Media Player

  1. Open VLC Media Player on your PC/Laptop.
  2. Now select File option and Select Open Network
    Live Stream Via VLC

    How to Live Stream Via VLC

  3. Now Paste the URL of the LIVE Channel you want to live stream on your VLC Player and Press on Start Stream.

Watch Live TV Online Free via Chromecast without JIO TV App

  1. Open the link of your favourite channel on your phone or PC.
  2. Now press on Play Via Chromecast.

One can comment down below to get the full guide to play hd live tv on Google Chromecast.

Live Stream All TV Channels Free without SignIn or JIO TV App

Things become more complex when you need to sign in or buy credits to Watch Live TV on your Phone or PC. But we have found our ways, as we have extracted the Live Stream URLs of popular TV Channels that are worth watching on your PC or Laptop or Mobile.

Facing problems with JioFi Device, Check Out Jiofi.local.html config fix

List of TV Channels that you can watch free from your PC/Laptop

We will be adding more and more Live Stream URLs of popular tv channels. Make sure that you subscribe to us via push notifications in order to receive the updates as soon as the new TV Channel is added.

Watch HD Channels Live Free

And_TV_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/And_TV_…/And_TV_HD_1200.m3u8
Sony_Rox_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Sony_…/Sony_Rox_HD_1200.m3u8
Sony_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.liv…/…/Sony_HD_1200.m3u8
MTV_Beats_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/MTV_…/MTV_Beats_HD_1200.m3u8
Zee_Cinema_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Zee…/Zee_Cinema_HD_1200.m3u8
Sony_Max_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Sony_…/Sony_Max_HD_1200.m3u8
Zee_TV_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Zee_TV_…/Zee_TV_HD_1200.m3u8
Sony_SAB_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Sony_…/Sony_SAB_HD_1200.m3u8
Colors_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Colors_…/Colors_HD_1200.m3u8
Six_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live…/…/Six_HD_1200.m3u8
Ten_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live…/…/Ten_HD_1200.m3u8
Sony_ESPN_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Sony…/Sony_ESPN_HD_1200.m3u8

And_Pictures_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/A…/And_Pictures_HD_1200.m3u8
Sony_Le_PLEX_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/S…/Sony_Le_PLEX_HD_1200.m3u8
Movies_Now_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Mov…/Movies_Now_HD_1200.m3u8
Sony_Pix_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Sony_…/Sony_Pix_HD_1200.m3u8
MNPLUS http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live…/…/MNPLUS_1200.m3u8
Romedy_Now_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Rom…/Romedy_Now_HD_1200.m3u8

Information Channels Live Free

History_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Histor…/History_HD_1200.m3u8
Travel_XP_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Trav…/Travel_XP_HD_1200.m3u8
Discovery_HD_World http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Discovery_HD_World_1200.m3u8
Animal_Planet_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/…/Animal_Planet_HD_1200.m3u8
TLC_HD_World http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/TLC_…/TLC_HD_World_1200.m3u8
FYI_TV18 http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.li…/…/FYI_TV18_1200.m3u8

Live Music Channels Free

MTV http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn…/…/MTV_800.m3u8
Mastii http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live…/…/Mastiii_800.m3u8
9XM http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn…/…/9XM_800.m3u8
Sony_Mix http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.liv…/…/Sony_Mix_800.m3u8
etc http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn…/…/etc_800.m3u8
E_24 http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cd…/…/E_24_800.m3u8
9X_Jalwa http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.liv…/…/9X_Jalwa_800.m3u8

Watch Sports Channels in HD Free

Neo_Sports http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Neo_Spo…/Neo_Sports_800.m3u8
Ten_1 http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.c…/…/Ten_1_800.m3u8
Ten_2 http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.c…/…/Ten_2_800.m3u8
Ten_3 http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.c…/…/Ten_3_800.m3u8

News Channels Free Live without App

Republic_TV http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Republ…/Republic_TV_800.m3u8
ABP_News_India http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/ABP…/ABP_News_India_800.m3u8
CNN_NEWS_18 http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/CNN_NE…/CNN_NEWS_18_800.m3u8
Aaj_Tak http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live…/…/Aaj_Tak_800.m3u8
NDTV_24x7 http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/NDTV_24x7/NDTV_24x7_800.m3u8
CNN http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn…/…/CNN_800.m3u8
India_Today http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/India_…/India_Today_800.m3u8
Times_NOW http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Times_NOW/Times_NOW_800.m3u8
BBC_World_News http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/BBC…/BBC_World_News_800.m3u8
NDTV_India http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/NDTV_In…/NDTV_India_800.m3u8
IBN_7 http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.c…/…/IBN_7_800.m3u8
Aaj_Tak_Delhi http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Aaj_…/Aaj_Tak_Delhi_800.m3u8
India_TV http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.liv…/…/India_TV_800.m3u8
India_news http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/India_n…/India_news_800.m3u8
News_Nation http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/News_N…/News_Nation_800.m3u8
News_24 http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live…/…/News_24_800.m3u8

Watch Marathi Channels in HD Full Free without Jio App

Colors_Marathi_HD http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Colors_Marathi_HD/Colors_Ma…
Maharashtra1 http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Mahar…/Maharashtra1_800.m3u8
ABP_Majha http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/ABP_Majha/ABP_Majha_800.m3u8
Zee_24_Taas http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Zee_24…/Zee_24_Taas_800.m3u8
IBN_Lokmat http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/IBN_Lok…/IBN_Lokmat_800.m3u8
TV9_Maharashtra http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/TV…/TV9_Maharashtra_800.m3u8

Watch Cartoon Channels Live Free

Sony_Yay_Hindi http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Son…/Sony_Yay_Hindi_800.m3u8
Cartoon_Network http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Cartoon_Network_Hindi_800.m…
Pogo_Hindi http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Pogo_Hi…/Pogo_Hindi_800.m3u8
Nick_Hindi http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Nick_Hi…/Nick_Hindi_800.m3u8
Nick_Junior http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/Nick_J…/Nick_Junior_800.m3u8
sonic_Hindi http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/…/sonic_…/sonic_Hindi_800.m3u8

Bonus: One can use the similar method to watch many other LIVE TV channels listed here and here (Includes all International channels).

Telugu Channels Live Stream Links

Zee Telugu http://smumcdnems03.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Zee_Telugu/Zee_Telugu_800.m3u8

Etv Telugu http://smumcdnems03.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/ETV_Telugu/ETV_Telugu_800.m3u8

Etv Plus http://smumcdnems03.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/ETV_Plus/ETV_Plus_800.m3u8

Etv Cinema http://smumcdnems03.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/ETV_Cinema/ETV_Cinema.m3u8

MAA Gold http://smumcdnems02.cdnsrv.jio.com/hotstar.live.cdn.jio.com/Maa_Gold/Maa_Gold.m3u8

MAA MOVIES http://smumcdnems02.cdnsrv.jio.com/hotstar.live.cdn.jio.com/Maa_Movies/Maa_Movies.m3u8

MAA TV http://smumcdnems02.cdnsrv.jio.com/hotstar.live.cdn.jio.com/Maa_TV/Maa_TV.m3u8

Gemini TV http://smumcdnems02.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Gemini_TV/Gemini_TV.m3u8

Gemini Movies http://smumcdnems03.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Gemini_Movies/Gemini_Movies_800.m3u8

Gemini Life http://smumcdnems02.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Gemini_Life/Gemini_Life.m3u8

Gemini Music http://smumcdnems02.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Gemini_Music/Gemini_Music_600.m3u8

Gemini Comedy http://smumcdnems02.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Gemini_Comedy/Gemini_Comedy.m3u8

Gemini_News http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Gemini_News/Gemini_News_800.m3u8

Telangana TV http://367449830.r.cdnsun.net/367449830/_definst_/sneha/playlist.m3u8

BharatToday TV http://live.wmncdn.net/bharat2015today1/livetoday.stream/index.m3u8

CVR_News http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/CVR_News/CVR_News_800.m3u8

Jaya_Shankara http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Jaya_Jaya_Shankara_TV/Jaya_Jaya_Shankara_TV_800.m3u8

10_TV http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/10_TV/10_TV_800.m3u8

ETV_Abhiruchi http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/ETV_Abhiruchi/ETV_Abhiruchi_800.m3u8

Discovery_Channel in Telugu http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Discovery_Channel_Telugu/Discovery_Channel_Telugu_800.m3u8

TV1 http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/TV1/TV1_800.m3u8

Studio_n http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Studio_n/Studio_n_800.m3u8

NTV http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/NTV/NTV_800.m3u8

Raj_News http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Raj_News_Telugu/Raj_News_Telugu_800.m3u8

HM_TV http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/HM_TV/HM_TV_800.m3u8

ABN_Andhra http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/ABN_Andhra_Jyothi/ABN_Andhra_Jyothi_800.m3u8

T_News http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/T_News/T_News_800.m3u8

TV_5_News http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/TV_5_News/TV_5_News_800.m3u8

V6_News http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/V6_News/V6_News_800.m3u8

Raj_Music http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Raj_Music_Telugu/Raj_Music_Telugu_800.m3u8

Vissa_TV http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/Vissa_TV/Vissa_TV_800.m3u8

CVR_OM http://mumsite.cdnsrv.jio.com/jiotv.live.cdn.jio.com/CVR_OM_Spiritual/CVR_OM_Spiritual_800.m3u8

TV9 Telugu http://367449830.r.cdnsun.net/367449830/_definst_/tv9tel/playlist.m3u8
Thanks to eswar, who updated the list of Telugu channels via comments.

If you are stuck anywhere, do let us know so that we can help you out with the guide. Special Thanks to Facebook XDA OFF Topic Group for providing the links of the Live Stream URLS!

Somesh Chaudhary

Tech Blogger and Android Expert who loves surfing Internet and finding new tech stuff and frame new articles over the same and help the world with the knowledge attained!

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Kumar - July 13, 2018

Hi somesh, i was try to add this link to perfect player its not working and even vlc pls can you share the working links to watch on mobile and any recommend apk to play this link

    Somesh Chaudhary - July 16, 2018

    hello kumar, i have already shared username and password of Jio TV, therefore you can grab them and use it to watch live tv directly.

Jas S. Saini - April 7, 2018

All the links are expired. None Working

    Somesh Chaudhary - April 28, 2018

    Mailed you the Jio ID and Password. Please check inbox and let us know. Thank You.

jenosan - December 14, 2017

please update new jio tv url and tamil channel url

    Somesh Chaudhary - May 2, 2018

    Hello, We have mailed the Username and Password of Jio Live tV to your mail account. Please check for the same. Thank You.

Aaryan - November 19, 2017

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    Somesh Chaudhary - September 14, 2017

    Will update the links very soon! Thank you for bringing that to notice!

Basker - September 1, 2017

Hello could you please add HBO HD, Sony BBC Earth, SunMusic HD links?

hima - August 27, 2017

can u provide star movies,utv movies,utv action and filmy zee telugu cinemalu channels, zee studio,links

    Somesh Chaudhary - August 28, 2017

    Thanks for the comment, we will to add it surely very soon! You can also try with the app here.

Ashraf - August 17, 2017

Jio Low quality channel link plz sir

srikanth - August 13, 2017

telugu channel links plz

eswar - August 6, 2017

List of Telugu Live Stream Links.. (Added to Post)

Abhinav - August 4, 2017

Hi Somesh, could you please share the method to retrieve these urls?
Jio has recently updated them, instead of using
they are now being hosted at

    Somesh Chaudhary - August 16, 2017

    Hello Abhinav, the same can be captured via ADB terminal and your android device while putting the Phone on USB debugging mode ON! This is the same way to capture OTA Update links as well from Google Servers!

suraj - August 1, 2017

update link for zee news

Param - July 26, 2017


Plz Give All JIO T.V Channels Urls

All Movies Urls & T.V Seriel Urls
Cartoon Urls & Sports Urls
News Urls & Information Channel Urls



Mangesh Singh - July 22, 2017

Can you share guide to play hd live tv on Google Chromecast.

    Somesh Chaudhary - July 23, 2017

    You need to install Chromecast plugin in Chrome browser or Chromecast App on your Android Smartphone to cast your screen to Chromecast!

      Kushal - August 2, 2017

      Hi Somesh Chaudhary, you’re rocking…..Dude…. Can you provide the links for ETV HD, GEMINI TV HD?

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        Links for the same are added! Thank You!

Sathwik - July 22, 2017

Thank you so much.. can u please post star channels link and ETV HD,GEMINI TV HD and other telugu channels links

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