WhatsApp is now more secure- Adds End to End Encryption

WhatsApp takes a very important step in increasing privacy of the WhatsApp Messenger as it introduces ” end – to – end encryption ” which ensures that your data stays secured when you are chatting with someone or having free WhatsApp Call ! Well it is the latest Update by WhatsApp which is released all over Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS in one go that ensures that you stay secure while you are using WhatsApp all over the Smartphones!

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Latest WhatsApp Update with End to End Encryption

Here is the video explaining the latest end to end Encryption on WhatsApp Update Dated : 5th April 2016 –

One can read out WhatsApp’s Blog too which indetail explains the importance of End to end Encryption on WhatsApp! One can also verify if his/her whatsapp messages and calls are encrypted or not by simply tapping on the Yellow message in case of Android or Ios and then selecting Verify and then scanning the QRCode of the phone on the other contacts phone!

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So now the other question that arises is How can you encrypt your WhatsApp messages if it is not showing the above image by its own! Well it is quite simple! All you need to do is Just Update WhatsApp to latest Update either from Play Store(Android) or from App Store and thereby enjoy messaging your loved one’s in total safe enviromnent! Now the best thing to be seen is -How much is this new end-to-end encryption safe for the user!

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